Technical description

Technical description

The device is a traffic plate manufactured by ABS with shatterproof material by injection or blowing. It is characterized by having a consistent elastic base and by being made in alternating red and white retro-reflecting materials with an arrow-shaped line drawing. The sign is attached to the car body or to one of the windows in line with the direction of the traffic.

It has got the CE certificate. It is elastic and its base (3 cm) does not exceed the size of the rearview mirror. The sign resists wind strength up to 120 km/hour and it gives in to high pressure or heavy blow in order to avoid any damage regardless of the percussion speed. The sign base is made in shatterproof material.

The sign dimensions are, as long as current regulations do not establish different ones, 330 mm long and 110 mm wide in cars and 400×130 in coaches and lorries. The plate width will never exceed 3mm. it is mono-block and it complies with official standards colors and retro-reflection according to Class RA3 corresponding to Standard UNE 135340 regarding polymeric retro-reflective plates and other DGT basic characteristics.

Its graphic design is composed of three red reflective stripes on white reflective background.