What is it?

The PF Sign is a warning and prevention device used in road traffic. It purpose is to avoid any dangerous situation and to increase the safety of both, the driver and the passengers of any vehicle stationed in traffic lines.
Due to accidents or breakdowns, it is very common to see vehicles stationed on urban and interurban depending on traffic density and conditions; they may happen with a frequency of one to three per hour on a road stretch of 50 kilometers). These situations are of particular concern due to the traffic condition of these roads together with the faulty signaling by the driver.
The triangle (V-16), placed at the lower right angle from the driver’s field of vision and detached from the stationed vehicle itself, is not enough to warn and alert about the size neither of the vehicle nor about the necessity and the duty to respect the vital space between the stationed vehicle and the passing one.
The most unsafe moment for the driver is when getting out of vehicle with no signalization that may warn other drivers of the necessity of keeping a safety margin to prevent an accident.