LA VANGUARDIA ( 19/01/17)

The Ministry of Health improves the safety of ambulances of the Emergency and Management of 061 of the Region of Murcia, dependent on the Murcian Health Service (SMS), with a new road signaling system called PF that complements the triangle.

The Minister, Encarna Guillén, who has met with the head of PF Road Safety Systems, Leonardo Nortes, explained that “this device gives visibility and serves to mark the vehicle that is standing in an emergency situation and, at the same Time, to the driver, who requests a margin of distance with respect to the vehicles of circulation “.

The PF signal, created by Dr. Nortes, is an arrow-shaped, colored and reflective device that avoids having to leave the vehicle to signal the fault or emergency situation.

The SMS has allocated 1,161 euros to the acquisition of 64 signs, of which 61 will be for the 25 ambulances own of the Management, 31 for the ones of arranged character, 5 cars and the rest, three, of reserve. Of this amount, PF Road Safety Systems will allocate 20 percent to the work carried out by some humanitarian or socio-health entity.